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The calendar sync is a manual one-way sync, which means that it only synchronizes data from other systems to Lombok Hotel and Travel, not from Lombok Hotel and Travel to other systems. The sync process needs to be performed manually, as there is no automatic sync functionality available.

You can easily manage the calendar for your online listing. If a date is available, you can enter the price for that day. And if it’s not available, you can use the format “0|unavailable”. After finish set the price of your calendar, you can follow these steps bellow to import it to website:

  • Go to  Google Calendar and click on the current calendar on the left side then select Calendar Settings
  • Click on Ical green button to get the Ical link that contain the price you have inputted at step no.1.
  • In your room details, go to Ical Sync tab and paste the ical link to the field then click on the Import button.
  • Update your room then check in front page.

Notice: Use this format for tour/activity: adult|child|infant|price|status to enter the price.

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