About the company

Welcome to LombokHotelTravel.com, your gateway to unforgettable experiences on the captivating island of Lombok, Indonesia. As the premier marketplace for travelers and local hosts, we are dedicated to connecting adventurers with authentic and immersive experiences that showcase the beauty, culture, and hospitality of Lombok. Established as the marketing and technology division of Adventure Lombok, one of Indonesia's leading Destination Management Companies (DMCs), LombokHotelTravel.com was founded in 2006 by Supratman Samsi, a visionary local Indonesian with over two decades of experience in the tourism industry. With a deep-rooted passion for sharing Lombok's treasures with the world, Supratman embarked on a journey to create a platform that would revolutionize how travelers explore and experience the island.

Our mission

To empower local tour operators, activity providers, and accommodations hosts to showcase their offerings to the global travel community. From thrilling day tours to serene vacation packages, cozy homestays to luxurious resorts, our diverse range of products caters to every traveler's preferences and interests.

Our Story

Established in 2006 by Supratman Samsi, a visionary local Indonesian with an extensive background in the tourism industry since 1997, Adventure Lombok was conceived from a deep-rooted passion for the beauty and cultural richness of Lombok. Our unwavering dedication led us to forge LombokHotelandTravel.com, a groundbreaking platform committed to connecting international travelers with the authentic essence of Lombok.

Connecting Authentic Experiences

Our marketplace is designed to foster connections between local tour operators, activity providers, and accommodations with the global travel community. We aim to craft authentic and distinctive experiences, weaving together the cultural tapestry and natural splendor of Lombok for international travelers.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between local providers and international travelers, fostering meaningful connections and fostering cultural exchange. We believe in the transformative power of travel to create mutual understanding, respect, and appreciation for diverse cultures and landscapes. By facilitating authentic and unique experiences, we aim to enrich the lives of travelers while supporting the growth and sustainability of Lombok's tourism industry.

Our Offerings

We curate a spectrum of Travel Experiences, encompassing an exquisite array of Things to Do, immersive Day Tours, meticulously tailored Vacation and Tour Packages, and an unparalleled selection of Accommodations. Our goal is to intertwine comfort, authenticity, and uniqueness, crafting memorable journeys for every discerning traveler.

Embrace Lombok's Essence

Embark on an odyssey through Lombok’s uncharted beauty with us. We invite you to unravel the island’s secrets, immerse in its traditions, and embrace the spirit of adventure as we redefine the way you experience travel.

What our clients say

Had an incredible time visiting Gili T, Gili Meno, and Gili Air with Adventure Lombok. I reached out to them separately as I was travelling solo and Supratman (the boss) was super friendly and helpful in putting together my day trip.

Mich N

Customers in Singapore

Would definitely recommend if you wish to see the real Indonesia. The tour was around 10hrs, but we got the whole package; a visit to a temple, a local food market, Rinjani hill views (with an amazing lunch), waterfall, mosque and more. Our tourguide Uji was very knowledgeable, genuine and speaks English very well. With this tour you’ll be covering half of Lombok, so definitely worth it!

Elin J

Customers in Australia

Great trip with Ronie, Zum and Anton as our guides. Good equipment and lots of fun on the jungle portion and then quite a bit of downhill. Highlight was definitely the stop at the waterfalls for a swim when we were close to the end of the ride.


Customers in Canada

This was a very nice trip. We were picked on time, the guides and drivers were nice and friendly. We were taken to 3 islands, and to 3 different snorkeling spots (statues, turtles, fish). The fish and turtles, however, were quite nice and fun. The islands are okay, considering they are regular touristy islands. We did all the tour in about 5-6 hours. We did have a good time and the tour was nice.

Andrei M

Customers in Rusia

Meet our team


Supratman Samsi

Founder & CEO

Jenny Wilson

Marketing Manager

Jerome Bell

Product Manager

Annette Black

UI/UX Designer

Eleanor Pena

Creative Director

Marvin McKinney

Chief Financial Officer

Annette Black

Project Manager

Darrell Steward

President of Sales