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Location #

  • Select the location of the rental property in Rental Location
  • Enter the place of rental property in Real rental address
  • Set Location on map to track down on Google Map

Latitude: Enter the latitude of this rental property

Longitude: Enter the latitude of this rental property

Zoom Level: Enter the level of zoom

Map Style: Keep it blank

  • Add more Properties near by the rental property
  • Enable the Street View Mode on this location

Rental Information #

  • Choose to Set rental as a feature on your website
  1. On – to set this rental property as a feature
  2. Off- not to set this rental property as a feature
  3. By default, set this rental property as a feature to Off
  • Choose the Booking Option to Instant Booking by default
  1. Instant Booking: Allow the customers book the rental accommodation immediately with the automatic booking system. They have to provide the necessary information and payment detail. The reservation will be confirmed soon.
  2. Enquire Booking: Allow the customers submit the request for the rental accommodation availability and price on the Enquiry Form
  3. Instant & Enquire Booking: Allow the customer book the rental accommodation immediately or submit their request on the Enquire Form.
  • Enter the Numbers of the available rental property.
  • Set the Max Adultson the rental property
  • Set the Max Children
  • Enter the No. Bedon the rental property
  • Enter the No. Bath on the real property
  • Enter the number of Size room
  • Select the Rental Single Layout on your website
  • Upload the image of the rental on Gallery
  • Put the Rental Videowhich is displayed on the website
  • Choose the Disable “Adult Name Required “
  1. On – Not Allowing the Adult Name Required
  2. Off- Allow the Adult Name Required
  • Choose the Disable “Children Name Required “
  1. On – Not allowing the Children Name Required
  2. Off- Allow the Children Name Required

Contact Information #

  • Choose the Contact Infothat will be shown on the rental property
  • Enter the Agent emailto make a contact with the rental property
  • Enter the Agent Website for this tour
  • Enter the Agent Phone to call
  • Enter the Agent fax number to fax

Rental Price #

  • Enter the price of the rental per night on Pricing
  • Add a discount period of the rental property on Discount by number of days
  • Select the Discount type of number of days to percentage or fixed amount value
  • Create the additional service cost of a room on Extra Pricing
  • Choose the Extra Pricing Unitto calculate it by day or fixed amount value
  • Choose the Discount Type to percentage or fixed amount value for sale promotion
  • Set up the Sale Schedule for this rental
  1. On – Enable the discounted price of the rental to set up the start time and end time of a day
  2. Off- Disable the discounted price of the rental
  • Select the option of deposits on Deposit Options
  1. Disallow Deposit- Not Allowing to deposit which is money paid
  2. Deposit by percentage – Allow depositing the room by percentage

Availability #

  • Select the date of the calendar to change the room price on the Rental Calendar
  • When complete, click Update to finish


To activate the Group Day option, go to the Rentals Option > Allow Group Day. This option is a long-term rental property that the landlord rents out for a long time period. The price of Group Day is calculated by the number of days rented.

Rental Options #

  • For Book before the number of a day, choose the number of days that customers book your rental before check-in time.
  • Minimum stay: Set the minimum number of days to stay during the rental period
  • For Allow External booking, select the option to allow or not the external link to book the rental property
  1. On – Allow inserting the external link for booking a rental property
  2. Off- Not Allowing to insert the external link for booking a rental property
  • For Allow Group Day. This option will appear on the Availability tab

Cancel Booking #

  • Activate the option for customers to choose from cancellation orders.
  • Enter the Number of days before the Arrival for the cancel reservation of a room
  • Set the Cancellation Fee, the percentage of money that the customer would be deducted if they cancel a reservation of a room

Ical URL #

  • To import your calendar online, please enter an ical URL and click the import button

Please read our article to learn more about importing the calendar online for your website.

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