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Location #

  • Select one or more locations for your hotel in Hotel Location
  • Enter the email address of the hotel in Hotel Address field
  • Set Location on map to track down on Google Map
  • Latitude: Enter the latitude of this location.
  • Longitude: Enter the latitude of this location Zoom.
  • Level: Enter the level of zoom Map.
  • Style: Keep it blank
  • Add moreProperties nearby the hotel

Hotel Detail #

  • Choose to Set hotel as a feature on your website
  1. On – to set this hotel as feature.
  2. Off- not to set this as feature.
  3. By default, set this location as a feature to Off
  • Upload the Hotel Logo to appear on your website
  • Select the layout of hotel on Hotel Single Layout to show in

Notice: In the hotel single layout list, the layout single 1 and 2 will not appear with the hotel logo on a single hotel page but the other layout single 3, 4, and 5 still work properly

  • Upload more images to show on Hotel Gallery
  • Add the Youtube video of this hotel on Hotel Video
  • Set rating of the hotel on Hotel Rating Star

Contact Information #

  • Choose the Contact Info to set a contact in hotel detail or agent detail
  • Enter Hotel Email to receive notifications when getting booking orders from a customer
  • Enter Hotel Website to this field
  • Enter Hotel Phone Number
  • Enter Hotel Fax

Price #

  • Set Auto Calculation Average Price of this hotel
  1. On – Set automatically the average price of hotel.
  2. Off- Input the price manually
  • Enter the Average Price

Check in/out time #

  • Set the Allowed full day booking of this hotel
  1. On – Booking the room with full-day.
  2. Off- Booking the room for half a day
  • Enter the Time for check-in at the hotel
  • Enter the Time for check-out

Other Options #

  • For Book before the number of a day, choose the number of days that customers book your hotel before check-in time.
  • Set Minimum number of days to book before arriving

Hotel policy #

  • Add the policy of the hotel between the guest and the hotel

Inventory #

  • This is the reservation chart for all rooms. From one table, you can manage and control the availability of each room.

Hotel Theme #

  • Choose the Hotel Theme to categorize the theme of a hotel on the list

Hotel Facilities #

  • Select the facilities of the hotel on your website

Featured Image #

  • Set the Featured Image which is displayed on your website
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