Lombok Travel Tips

Suggestion and Recommendation During Holiday on Lombok

Lombok Travel Tips

Custom and Regulation You must have at least 6 (six) months validity of passport to enter Indonesia. Visa On Arrival (VOA) can be obtain at Lombok International Airport [LOP]. Due to customs regulations, one adult is allowed to bring into Indonesia a maximum of one liter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 1000 grams of tobacco, and reasonable amount of perfume.

Photographic, video and filming equipment radios, typewriters, and cars are admitted provide they are recorded in your passport on entry and taken out of the country on departure. Narcotic, fire arm and ammunition, TV set, and Chinese medicine are strictly prohibited. Fresh fruit, plants and animals must be passed by Quarantine Office.

Discover and Traveling All over Lombok Island Visitor can explore the tiny island by using various kind of transportation such as: Chartered/Car Hire, Taxi, Bus, Bemo / Angkot (local’s public transportation) and Motorcycle.

Taxis operated from all major hotels and airport with rate varying according to destination. Taxi companies in Lombok are Lombok Taxi (627000), Lendang Express (634444) and Airport Taxi. Taxis are metered and charged accordingly to distances.

Public Transportation or known locally as “Bemo”, a non-AC minivan (in yellow color) are available in major town i.e: Mataram, Ampenan and Cakranegara, founded in every corner of the island with quite inexpensive price. They take and drop off local passenger and often load over capacity, without travel insurance coverage. For those who prefer to travel more privately, car-hire option or charter or motorbike rental may be the choice. The prices, however, do not always included insurance. And they vary depending upon the type of vehicle and the duration of hiring. Petrol pomp and service stations are available at every large town. In emergency there are always road side kiosks fuels out of drums at a bit dearer price.

If you rent a car (self drive), you may find the rental fare are much more expensive than in Bali because of limited car available on Lombok. While driving yourself, please take out most care since the traffic rules may be some what different from those observed in your country. Indonesian and any other Asian Countries uses “right side steering system”

An international drivers license is required, but one can apply for temporary permit in Lombok and go for test driver in tourist driving license office in Jalan Langko Mataram Lombok.

It is compulsory to wear a crash helmet while you are on the road on a motorbike. Helmets are available at motorbike hire outlets. Small horse drawn carts called Cidomo serve as convenient transportation during off hours and off the beaten track.

Ramadhan – Fasting Break in Lombok Most tourist facilities in Lombok (Gili Islands, Senggigi, and Kuta) remain open during Ramadhan. Local Restaurants might close in residential area in Mataram or Cakranegara to respect the majority of Moslem Fasting. Tourist are suggested to eat and drinks in hotel’s or resort’s area.

Clothing With temperatures ranging between 20-35½oC, light, casual clothes are the most practical. Natural fibers like cotton or linen are the most comfortable in Indonesia’s often humid conditions. Casual clothes are acceptable in most places and a lightweight suit and tie are usual for business or formal meetings. Light cotton dresses are generally acceptable in most situations. Batik is popular for both men’s shirts and women’s dresses.

Electricity and Water Indonesia runs 127V AC/50Hz but is in the process of converting to a 230V AC/50Hz. This conversion is complete in principal cities. Indonesia uses a type C, F, and G plug so North Americans travelling with electronics will need adapters.

It is not advisable to drink tap water in Indonesia, but bottled mineral water is safe and available everywhere. Ice in drinks is generally OK in good standard hotels and restaurants but it is best to avoid it on street stalls or in country areas.

Mobile Telephone GSM 900 and 1800 networks. Coverage may be limited to main towns and cities.

Fax Faxes can be sent and received from WARTEL shops.

Internet There are Internet cafes in all major cities and tourist destinations. The famous and the fastest one in Senggigi Area are Millennium Internet Cafe.

Telegram These can be sent from any telegraphic office; in Jakarta facilities are available 24 hours a day, but services outside Jakarta are less efficient.

Post Airmail to Western Europe takes up to 10 days. Internal mail is fast and generally reliable by the express service (Pos KILAT), but mail to the outer islands can be subject to considerable delays.