Rinjani Trekking To Summit & Lake 4 Days

Trip Highlights

  • Watching the ever changing scenery as you ascend and descend Mount Rinjani
  • Sunrise at Mount Rinjani
  • Spectacular view of Segara Anak Lake and the island of Lombok stretching far below
  • Crater Lake, Hot Spring and Cave
  • Sembalun and Senaru Crater Rim


The 4 days trekking trip package to Mount Rinjani, this package will give you more time to explore the Rinjani volcano such the summit, crater Rim, Lake, cave and more. This Trek program start in Sembalun end in Senaru. The trekking trip package are suitable for all grade such a moderate to advance level. This trek trip are same as the 3 days trek but you will have 1 full day extra time to explorer the Rinjani volcano as you will have a night camping and two days in crater lake of Segara Anak.

The trip package are fully organized combination of adventure, leisure, ecotourism, and safety. We organized the Rinjani trekking trip for individual and at small group maximum of 10 persons to maximize service and safety for all participants, also we provide you comfortable trekking gears for your convenience trekking trip. See our own trekking gears (what you see is what you get).

Rinjani Pre Treks Preparation
We highly recommended you to have an travel insurance and exercise before the trip start, at least you do walk 5 kilometers in a day at home, or joint with the fitness center at your home.

Guide & Porters
We hire only professional mountain guide and porters from the nearest villages in the area of Rinjani National Park who has pass the guiding and handling test and hold a valid guide license. Adventure Lombok Tour Company is keen to develop the Eco Tourism Concept, giving as much as benefit to the local community to improve their standard of living.

About the Trek
You will encounter steep ascents and descents on a fairly good system of tracks whilst on the trek.. A good level of fitness is required. Please contact us if you would like some suggestions in relation to pre trip training or if you are concerned about your fitness level.

All meals will be prepared by your guide and porters on open fires and fuel stoves. Your porters will exhibit super human strength in getting all your camping gear up the mountain and is a constant source of amazement to trekkers! Expect traditional Indonesian style rice based meals. The meals are excellent relative to what you might expect on a typical western style commercial trek. The staff take great pride in their cooking skills and presentation of your meal. Any offers to help are welcome but not expected.

All your camping gear is supplied but if you want to take your own light weight sleeping bag or sleeping mat that’s fine. This can be arranged at your pre trip briefing in Senggigi Beach [our office]. Most trekkers will carry a small pack or day pack with personal items such as clothes, toiletries and photography gear. Keep the gear to a minimum and don’t take anything up the mountain that you don’t have to.

Trekking Itinerary

Day 1: Hotel – Sembalun Lawang to Pelawangan II (2700m)

Our guide will pick you up at the hotel lobby at 06.00 AM then transfer you to Sembalun. Register at the Rinjani Information Center (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang, meet your guide and arrange National Park entry tickets. Your guide will give you a briefing for the route details, about what local cultural traditions and what you might to go for and see during the trekking, and will be explained about rubbish management and safety procedures. The trek starts from Sembalun Lawang with the gentle ascent walking through open grassland used as cattle grazing by local people. Resting at Pos 1 Pemantauan (1,300), after around three hours from Sembalun we reach Pos 2 Tengengean (1,500 m), enjoy the beautiful views of Mt. Rinjani summit (3,726 m). After another hours ascent to Pos 3 Pada Balong (1,800 m), we start the step 3,5 climb amidst the pine-like Casuarinas species locally known as Cemara, perhaps seeing evidence of wild pigs and the long-tailed grey macaque monkeys to the campsite at Plawangan II Sembalun crater rim (2,700m).

Day 2: Pelawangan II-Rinjani Summit (3.726m) to Segara Anak Lake (2.000m)

At the late 03:00 AM the summit climb will start and is needed for the hard three-hours climb to the Rinjani summit (3,726 m). Once there, enjoy the proud feeling of satisfaction and prise the amazing majestic view of Rinjani and Lombok island from the top of the second-highest mountain in Indonesia, feel the sensation of sunrise view across the Wallace Line to Bali, Mt. Agung and Sumbawa. After enjoying the spectacular views then down to the campsite, return down the ridge passing numerous edelweiss plants, Bunga Abadi-the endless flower, to the crater rim camp for a well-served breakfast. After breakfast, proceed to go down to the lake. It takes two to three hours down the steep trail to the crater lake. Enjoy the lake, swimming or exploring the caves and pilgrimage to hot springs that believed to have healing powers by local, while our porters preparing for your lunch. After a lunch break, leave the lake and climb for two and half hours up to Plawangan 1 Senaru Crater Rim (2,461 m) for the day 2’s camp. Dinner and overnight at crater rim if weather permitted or another hour down to Cemara Lima.

Day 3: Segara Anak Lake (2.000m) to Pelawangan I (2.641m)

After breakfast, descend down the long trail to Senaru village (601 m), through thick tropical forests rich in flora, birdlife and a variety of butterflies. You might see orchid and if lucky, the rare black ebony leaf monkey, known locally as lutung. Rest stops are taken along the way, with village stories and local legends related by your guide. Features include the Batu Penyesalan Stone and Banyan Tree Bunut Ngengkang that looks like someone standing with their legs apart. After seven hours walk from the rim, (or five hours from Pos 3 Mondokon Lolak), the trek ends at Rinjani Trek Center at the road head in Senaru, where the car is waiting to transfer you to the airport, Senggigi or Gili Island harbor.

Day 4: Pelawangan I (2.641m) to Senaru (601m) – Senggigi/Hotel

It is well worth getting up early to enjoy the sunrise over the Mt. Rinjani and the crater rim before breakfast and the last day of our journey. It takes about 5-6 hrs trekking to reach Senaru, Enjoys walking under the beautiful jungle canopy, home to the rare black ebony leaf monkey, known locally as Lutung. Rest stops at Pos 111 (2000m) and Pos11 (1500mt) is a welcome relief for tired feet before the hard work winds down and you enter farmland on the outskirts of town in the early afternoon. Your driver will pick you up from Senaru and escorting you back to your hotel in Senggigi area or The Gili islands boat pier by late afternoon

What to Carry During The Trekking

During the trek you will just have to carry your small day pack with essential items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, water(provided by us), T-Shirt, Warm cloth, etc. Porters are employed to carry the rest of your gear on the trek. Please keep this to a minimum while on the trek. For more information about items to carry

What’s Included
  • Medical Kit
  • Comfortable Well located Camping area
  • Expert Bilingual Local Guide and porter
  • Entrance fee USD 17 / person / Day
  • 3 breakfast, 4 lunches, 3 Dinner, snack, fruits and unlimited drinking water.
  • Private air conditioned vehicle
  • Tents, Air bed / Sleeping mats, sleeping bags, cooking equipment while camping. see our camping gears

What’s not Included

  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, postage, alcoholic beverages, etc
  • Meals before and after trek
  • Domestic and international flights
  • Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
  • Visa fee
  • Departure Taxes
  • Tips and Gratitude