Raja Ampat

Holiday Information thorugh out Raja Ampat west Papua

Raja Ampat Tourism Information & Travel Guide

Raja Ampat is a 43.000 km2 island and has more than 610 islands, located at the west-side of Papua, Irian Jaya and its famous for diving. Here you can find more than 540 type of reefs, 1000 type of reef’s fish, and 750 types of mollusk. It means, Raja Ampat offer 75% of world’s reef. Healthy with unusual reef structure dive spot with the most diverse marine is the best way to express the beauty of Raja Ampat.

Here you’ll witness other unique species such us pigmy seahorse, webbegong, manta ray and endemic fish called eviota raja (king eviota). One of the best spot is Chicken Reef; you’ll surrounded by thousand of fish, bamboo shark and snappers. There just too many species to be named in Raja Ampat, just come and experience all the glories of Raja Ampat.

One of the most breathtaking diving experiences is the encounter with school of barracuda (an expert assistance will be needed in certain diving spot), reef shark, and tortoise shell. In certain dive spot like Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo you could find Dugong or mermaid.

Raja Ampat offers you another cutting edge experiences except the under water habitat, the above water view, beautiful sunset

The four main island offer you a world class diving spot and reefs:
□ Waigeo Island
□ Misool Island
□ Salawati Island
□ Batanta Island

Travel To Raja Ampat Island
Take 6 hours flight from Jakarta toward Sorong via Menado. Flight serves every day (please check to specify the flight schedules) 2 hour flight from Manado to Sorong is by jet, extra luggage is allowed

To access the dive spot please contact and use the professional diving organizer.

From Sorong, there are 2 type of boat available; Speed Boat (40 minutes – 1 hour boat trip, carry 15 passangers and cost Rp. 2 million/ US$ 208.55); Long Boat (2-3 hours boat trip and could carry 10 passangers-cost Rp. 1,2 million/ US$ 126) – please note that all rates are subject to change without notice.

Domestic flight served by Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia, Pelita Air and Merpati

To enter Papua you need to have passport photo page, 3 Copies of the passport page with the Indonesian Visa)

Where to Stay
You may choose those alternatives where to stay during your visit to Raja Ampat:
Hotel (star or budget) in the city

□ Sorido Bay Resort famous for the house reef
□ Kri Eco Resort is a traditional resort built over the water Island camp
□ Living on Boat (most of diving agent provide this service)
□ Misol Resort

Moving Around
You may rent small boat if you wish to make a personal escape a long the line of the beaches.

Dining Guide
Dining are prepared by diving organizer, from international menu to local traditional food made fresh by local people Try Sup Ikan (fish soup)- Local people called it Sup Ikan Kuning (Yellow Fish Soup)-with local spices Sea food.

Souvenir Tips
Many divers said that the best souvenir ever after visit Raja Ampat is the stories/experiences to tell, other wise if you wish to have other souvenirs for your own or to be given to your friends, this stuff will be perfect:

□ Asmat sculptures
□Traditional cloths
□ traditional music instruments
□ Suling (traditional flute)
□ Tambur (traditional drum)

Other Things to See or Do
Raja Ampat is a famous place for under water photography and here you can shot a perfect picture of under water life. Its supported not only by the richness of the habitat but also the flat sea wave.

□ Wreck diving
□ Sailing
□ Kayaking
□ Explore the islands by boat
□ Visit the Red Bird of Paradise
□ Explore bat cave
□ Make your own wood sculpture guided by Asmat artist
□ Fishing using traditional Papuan technique
□ Trekking to discover waterfall
□ Feeding couscous
□ Snorkeling

Travel Tips
Oct/Nov is the best season for diving the area because the sea wave is typically flat and its perfect for photograph Bring your under water camera, because you wont let all the under water beauty pass without capture your experiences For beginner please take a course first on how to dive and shot picture To organize your travel you can arrange it using travel agents services in Indonesia Sun block, sunscreen and hat are required Bring your own anti-malarial medicine.

Travel To West Papua Indonesia

There are airports in Sorong, Fakfak, Manokwari, Jayapura, Wamena, Merauke, Agats, Tanika in West Papua.

There are no international flights into West Papua so you will need to get there from Jakarta or Surabaya.

There are domestic flights from Manokwari’s Rendani Airport to Surabaya, Jakarta as well to the other cities in West Papua Sorong and Ujung Pandang.

Pelni ships have ferries to go to Manokwari from Makassar and also ferries that go to Jayapura from Ambon, Fak-Fak and Bau-Bau. www.pelni.com

Airlines that service West Papua

Merpati Nusantara Airlines www.merpati.co.id

Batavia Air have direct flights between Manokwari and Balikpapan, Jakarta, Jayapura and Ujung Pandang. www.batavia-air.co.id

Lion Air have flights in to Sorong and Jayapura. www.lionair.co.id

Kartika Airlines have direct flights from Sorong to Ambon and Cengkerang www.kartika-airlines.com

Pelita Air have direct flights from Sorong and Manokwari to Makassar. Pelita Air also have helicopters for charter. www.pelita-air.com