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Mount Bromo and Semeru National Park

The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park covers some 800 square kilometers in the centre of East Java. It is the largest volcanic region in the province and there stands Mt. Semeru, which rises 3676 meters above sea level.

At its northern end is the spectacular Tengger Caldera, Java’s largest, with its 10 km barren desert-like sea of sand. Within the caldera rise the deeply fissured volcanic cones of Batok and Bromo, the latter is still active with a cavernous crater from which smoke blows skyward. Temperatures at the top of mount Bromo range about 5 to 18 degrees Celsius . To the south is a rolling upland plateau dissected by valleys and dotted with several small scenic lakes, extending to the foot of Mount Semeru, a towering grey forest-skirted cone dominating the southern landscape. Tengger sandy area has been protected since 1919, and its believed to be the only conservation area in Indonesia, even probably in the world possessing a unique ocean and sand at the attitude about 2000 m above sea level. There are several mountains inside the calderas namely: Mt Watangan (2,661 masl)., Mt Batok (2,470 m asl), Mt Kursi (2,581 asl), Mt Watangan (2,661 masl), and Mt Widadaren (2,650 masl).

On the fourteenth day of the Month Kasada, the inhabitants of Tengger Mountain range gather at the rim of Mount Bromo’s active crater to present annual offerings of rice, fruit, vegetables, flowers, live stock and other local produce to the God of the Mountain, as adherents of religion combining elements of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism the Tenggerese ask for blessing from the supreme God, Sang Hyang Widi Wasa. This ceremony called Kesodo Ceremony.

While the Great Mountain or Semeru offer a wonderful place to 3 days hike. Serenity of small lakes and large meadows, a three hours struggling through loose screw to the peak and breathtaking views from peak Semeru explodes every half hour and sends billowing smoke upwards. These gases and belching lava make Semeru dangerous ” stay well away from the vent. The fine scenery and bracing climate, easy access and reasonably visitor-oriented facilities make this one of the most popular reserves in Java.

Bromo Sunrise Tour
While it may be small when measured against other volcanoes in Indonesia, the magnificent Mt Bromo will not disappoint with its spectacular views and dramatic landscapes. At 2392 meters tall, Mt Bromo is not among the tallest of Indonesia’s mountains but its stunning beauty lies in its incredible setting.

From a vantage point on Mount Penanjakan (2,770 meters above sea level) visitors from around the world come to see the sunrise over Mt Bromo. From this spot the vista is magnificent. All you will hear is the click of cameras as visitors snap their camera’s hoping to capture the incredible scene of Mt Bromo in the foreground with Mt Semeru smoking in the distance and the sun shining brightly, quickly rising in the sky.

The eerie landscape has spurned countless legends and myths. Mt Bromo has particular significance for the Tengger people who believe that this was the site where a brave prince sacrificed his life for his family. The people here appease the Gods once a year during the annual Kasada festival where offerings of vegetables, chickens and money are thrown into the crater of the volcano.

The Mt. Bromo Legend
Mount Bromo has settled by Tenggerese for about thousands years. They who are good of God follower and always do their custom strictly, has historical relationship with Majapahit. The Anthropologist from our country or other country are interesting to do some research, because the Tenggerese are strictly in keeping custom for centuries, without influenced by world’s change. So there so many version of the unique of Tenggerese in Probolinggo, it can be in the forth of tale, folktale, serat and kidung, legend and science report.

As a good follower of God, which have Hinduism belief, they have many kinds of traditional ceremony such as; marriage ceremony, Entas-entas, Wilujengan Karo, Wilujengan Kapat, Wilujengan Kapitu, Wilujengan Kawolu, Wilujengan Kasanga, Wilujengan Kasada. Those of ceremony are lead by a person who supposed to have a magic power to make a communication with powerful things (roh halus) that called ‘Dukun’.

However, the ancestor of Tenggerese are married couple named Rara Anteng (Teng) and Jaka Seger (Ger). The combination of the two syllables were than abbreviated as Tengger. They had not child for some years, then they decided to had a meditation. They orayed to God in order that he granted their wish.
One day there is aa misterious voice that said: that one day when Sang Hyang Widhi (God) wanted to give them children, one of them had to sacrifice to Bromo Crater (Bromo Mountain).

Many days later, Rara Anteng birth her first son named Tumenggung Klewung, then followed by other children and they had 25 children. Firstly, they didn’t want to sacrifice one of their children, but they had a sign from Bromo that they must to keep the promise. Finally, their last son named Raden Kusuma had take by Bromo crater as a requirement for Dewata Sang Hyang Agung (God). Next, the mysterious voice of Raden Kusuma gave an order to provide half of the harvest to be sent to Raden Kusuma in Bromo Crater every Full Moon at 14th, Kasada month.
Because of that, every full moon at 14th in Kasada Month, people sent Raden Kusuma many kinds of harvest in Bromo mountain. That ceremony, which called “Yadnya Kasada” becomes a tradition (custom) that held up to know.

Getting There
Bromo Tengger Semeru can be reached by private and public vehicle. There are four gates to access the place, Probolinggo, Wonokitri, Ngadas and Lumajang. Probolinggo approach is the easiest and by fat the most popular route, especially if you go by public bus, Wonokitri is the closes and the easiest one if you go by private vehicle from Surabaya (5 hours journey). To get closer to Mt. Bromo you must rent 4×4 vehicles (there are many 4×4 vehicles rental there).

Where to Stay
There are a few options that you can choose to stay. You can stay at The Bromo Guest House which is located at Ngadisari that lies 3 km from the crater rim. Or you can choose other hotels at Cemoro Lawang because it this situated at the crater rim.

Other Things to See or Do
Walking on the sea of sand and stepping up on the 249 steps to rim is worth to try. Enjoying the unique crater in crater, watching the dawn at Bromo is the main attractions in the area.

Dining Guide
Its kindly hard to find some food at night, because mostly of warung are closed after 7.30 pm. If you are in Wonokitri area, there is some warung in Tosari market, which still open at 7-9 pm.

Souvenir Tips
There are many souvenir shops around Mount Bromo viewpoints who are selling T-shirts, scarf that are made from wool and others. There are also street hawkers who are selling these things too at the caldera area.

Moving Around
You can moving around on foot and normally it will takes 2 hours, or you can ride a horse or even rent a jeep (for this two, you are suggested to ask first and make a negotiation).

Travel Tips

  • Necessities for the trip include a torch, warm clothing, comfortable trekking shoes, and glove as a protection against the freezing temperature which hovers between zero to five degrees Celsius (33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • if you buy or rent something please Bargain
  • Sunrise starts at 5.00 am till 6.00 am (If weren’t cloudy), so you may leave from your hotel or guesthouse at 3 am or even less than that.
  • Before start trekking, hiking or climbing, be sure that you already eat, or you can bring some food and drink from your places of stay.
    Otherwise, you can buy some food and drink on the nearest markets for your supply before you start your activities on mountain.
  • If you are come in the right time, you may possible to watch the annual ceremony of Kesodo.