Gili Trawangan Dive Shop Information

Gili Trawangan Dive Shops

Dive Companies abound, catering for all levels divers and in many languages. it is possible for snorkellers to accompany dive trips off the island. for activities such as water skiing wake boarding or kayaking, try some of the diving companies.

Diving on the Gilis are paradise, at the greater depths and specific dive locations around the three Gili island see the Gilis dive sites. The pristine waters are home to an abundant variety of corals, aquatic life and thousand of species of tropical fishes, at least comparable to the top dive locations in Thailand. Popular dive companies are owned and operated by westerner with PADI qualifications and professional standards of safety and environmental awareness. it’s worth to checking them carefully, as the standards can vary as well-qualified staff come and go.

Reliable ones will not mind you looking around and asking to see the certification of instructors and dive masters. Most trips have minimum and maximum number limits, so the bigger, more popular outfits will have more options on a given day.

Recommended Dive Shop Gili Trawangan Lombok Indonesia

The newly and ton of experience local dive company on Lombok “Adventure Lombok Dive”. This Local Lombok dive company with their PADI certification facilities at Senggigi. Adventure Lombok Dive, located at Senggigi art market, offers diving courses for any age group and all skills level from discover scuba through diving instructor, ask for daily dive and snorkelling trip to Gili islands, Lombok dive sites and Sumbawa island. The Dolphin Dive School offers more then 20 dive sites around Gili Islands and Lombok, all with in short boat rides of just 10 – 30minutes.

Dream Divers has been Lombok diving Specialist since 1996. This German owned company with their 5 star PADI facilities on Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and also Senggigi on main island of Lombok, offers diving courses for any age group and all skills levels from “discover scuba ” through “Diving Instructor”.

Blue Marlin Dive was the first professional dive center opened in Lombok in 1992. They have three dive centers on mainland Lombok and one on each of the three Gili islands. Blue Marlin hold the prestigious PADI 5 star I.D.C rating a guarantee of their commitment to quality of service and diver education. Blue Marlin become one an active supporter of the Gili Echo Trust. A non profit organization dedicated to reef and beach protection around the islands. Blue Marlin offers Daily dive trip with with experienced PADI dive Master, and any level of diving skills education.

Manta Dive
Manta dive is a PADI 5 star resort located on the beach of Gili Trawangan and also also they have Dive center in Gili Air.

Trawangan Dive
Located on the beach of Gili T. Trawangan Dive was voted most improved dive center for 2008 by PADI Asia Pacific

Gili Scuba Dive
The newly dive operator on Gili Trawangan operated and owned by local. Offer PADI Courses, Daily Dive Trip, Muck Diving, Komodo Live-aboard Trip.