The Gili Islands, Lombok

Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan Information

The Gili Islands, Lombok

Three perfect coral islands, fringed with white sands and swaying palm trees, lay in the sparkling ocean just off the north west coast of Lombok. For many years the Gilis have attracted visitors from around the world for their pristine waters, great diving and snorkelling opportunities, and laid back charm.

The words of ” Gili” means Small Islands, and so these islands known and called by travellers as “The Gilis” who have long considered them to be at least equal to the the appeal of Thailand’s and India’s south coast. Over the past decade, each of the three islands has develop a unique peersonally or style, catering to different types of holiday makers and travellers.

Although the Gili islands were previously popular mainly with backpackers, word has gotten around and the Gili island now attract a diverse range of visitors; serious diving enthusiasts, sun seeker looking for the perfect beach gate way, single, families and couples of all ages find something to attract them to Gili islands.

The Gilis are small coral islands with sparse vegetation and rainfall, and it can much seem hotter there than the mainland Lombok. This means there is shun shine most days of the year. even when it’s raining in Lombok and Bali. Water is mainly drawn from wells or otherwise shipped from the mainland Lombok, so there is a need for conservation to preserve the limited resources. Be prepared for salty showers in most of the small hotels and Home-stays, although the larger hotels and villas provide fresh water. There are no cars or motorbikes on the islands, and the main form of transport, apart from walking,is by the horse cart, locally called Cidomo.

Gili Islands Places to Stay

Gili islands has variety of accommodations range from star Hotels, luxury villas to budget home stay or bungalows. We recommended to book your Hotel as far as advance especially on High season and peak season ( July – August and December 15 – January 15) as the room are limited and overbook base on last year occupation statistic.

Eat and Stay on Gili Islands
There is a good selection of Restaurants, Bars, and accommodations on the three islands, with the biggest range on Gili Trawangan.

The Gilis Communication & Information
Telephone and internet facilities are available as the most normal tourist amenities, although there are no Banks or ATM’s, and only larger Hotels and dive operators accept credit cards.

Money Changer on Gilis
The currency exchange are slightly lower rate than the main land Lombok so wise to change your money before going.

What To do on Gili island
The islands provide ample opportunities for visitors to swim, sunbathe, snorkel or scuba dive with many internationally accredited dive operators based in Lombok. Popular dive companies are owned by the westerners with PADI qualifications, and professional standards of safety and environmental awareness.

While divers are able to regularly swim with black tip, those who prefer to just drifts in the currents with a snorkel, fins and mask are never left disappointed by the more than 6,000 species of marine life living just off-shore. Snorkelling is easy in the calm waters directly off the beaches. At greater depths and at specific dive locations around the three islands, the pristine waters are home an abundant variety of corals, aquatic life and thousands of species of tropical fish, at least comparable to the top dive locations in Thailand.

Gili Islands ActivitiesSnorkelling Gili
• Swimming off the beach is safe.
• Canoe or Kayak hire is available on Gili islands
• Surfing
• Diving
• Wind Surfing
• Snorkeling
• Sunset watching
• Learn To Surf with Adventure Lombok Surf School

The Typical of the three Gili island
All three islands have developed independently and at different paces,giving each a different personality or style, and catering to different types of Holiday makers and travellers. This means that trevellers have a good choice, depending on their individual tastes and what type of island escape they prefer.

Gili Trawangan is the most developed and popular, while Gili Air has relaxed, simple style, and Gili Meno is the quietest of the three, perfect for really getting away from it all. Choose the style that suits you most or combine an island hopping holiday to sample the best of the three.

The Gilis Health and Medical Information
Sanitation has improved on the islands. There are two health centers on Gili Trawangan:
(1) located near the soccer fields for locals and
(2) located in Villa Ombak with better facilities for Tourist.

Gili Meno also now have a health centre which funded by local’s businesses. Gili Air also have a health centre located near the main village. The health centre is known locally as “Puskesmas”. To stay fit and healthy, always drink from bottled water or boiled water and avoid eating raw foods or salads from small non-reputable restaurants, because the water might not be sterilized.

There are no Police Station or Military Post on the islands, but there is a small police station in Bangsal harbor. The Islands funded non-uniformed community policing group, SATGAS, ensures visitor’s security and safety. In the rare event of someone breaking the law or disturbing tourists, perpetrators are handed over to Police on Lombok and face banishment from the island for up to five years. For your own safety, deposit valuable items at the reception where you’re staying at. Carry only small cash and necessary items.

Electricity supply are now available on all the three Gilis. The electrical voltage in Indonesia is 220 Volt, if you bring any devices which require recharged at lower voltage (110 Volt) bring an electrical voltage converter or ask the hotel where you stay for STAVOLT.