Gili Islands Dive Sites Information

Gili Island Dive Sites

Indonesia’s with over 3,500 species living in the Indonesian underwater world, we have one of the richest diversities of marine life in the Indo-Pacific region. In comparison, the Great Barrier Reef has just 1,500 species and the Red Sea has only 600 species. Our drop-offs, plateaus and slopes reflect a good cross-section of what Indonesia has to offer. Dive in and be fascinated by turtles, white tip reef sharks, cuttlefish, moray eels, angelfishes, ghost pipe fish and more.

The Gili islands is one of the diver paradise to explorer in Indonesia. Gili and Lombok Famous for its white sand, Lombok and Gili islands developed as one major dive destinations in Indonesia since the early 1990s. Three small islands in west of Lombok is main pillars of the development of world tourism in Lombok, those islands are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. There are actually several place beside the three gili such as south and east. The principal advantage of diving in Lombok is the ease of access and complete infrastructure facilities, especially in three Gili. Lombok is the largest dive training center in Indonesia to visit tourist submarine which dominates compared to other types of tourism. Around three this dyke tourists you can enjoy the beauty beneath the sea with a considerable variation, from shark diving, turtles are easy to find, mini wall dives, deep dives, drift diving, Wreck diving, artificial reef, even the point dive to “muck diving”, all within the range of 50-30 minutes from your home stay.

List of Gili Islands Dive Sites: It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, we will find the ideal dive site for you. With So many beaches and small islands, Lombok offers a myriad of Diving and snorkelling opportunities. The best known locations are around the Gili islands, Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan as the following dive sites:

Magic Pier (Teluk Nara)
Stingray Bio Rock (Gili Terawangan)
Meno Bounty (Gili Meno)
Manta Point (Gili Terawangan)
Shark Point (Gili Terawangan)
Meno Wall (Pulau Meno)
Hans Reef (Pulau Gili Air)
The Wreck
Sunset (Pulau Gili Terawangan)
Air Slope (Pulau Gili Air)
Air Wall (Pulau Gili Air)
Meno Slope (Pulau Gili Meno)
Good Heart (Pulau Gili Terawangan)
Halik (Pulau Gili Terawangan)
Simon’s Reef (Pulau Gili Meno)
Takat Malang
Deep Turbo (Pulau Gili Terawangan)
Mirko’s Point (Pulau Gili Meno)