Lombok Guided Day Trip

Lombok island has so much to see, do, discover, explorer, and experience.! If you do not have the time to tour all around the island and beyond, why not take Guided Day Trips and visit some highlights of this unique island? A Day Trip or tour is the best way to see and experience what you want. Our tour expert have designed a wide variety of trips in order to suit your preferences.

Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, get some great deals at the local markets, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

If you are not sure what to do on Lombok?, relax..! please let us know a little about your self, your interest, any dreams of your trip on Lombok or Indonesia, then sit back and allow us to suggest a customized trip or holiday packages.

Northern Excursion

Explore and immerse yourself into the native Sasak tribe.

  • Narmada Royal Garden
  • Sembalun Valley
  • Lombok Waterfall
  • Foot Of Mt. Rinjani

Gili Nanggu Snorkelling

Explorer Lombok Southern Coast Gili Islands

  • Gili Nanggu, Sudak, Kedis
  • Traditional Market
  • Pottery Village
  • Sea Coast Line Panorama

The Gilis Snorkelling

Discover the 3 Northern Coast Gili islands on a Day

  • Gili T, Gili Meno, Gili Air
  • Guided Snoreklling Trip
  • Colorful Underwater live
  • Malaka Photo Stop

Rice Field Walk Tour

Explore vibrant green rice fields and local lived

  • Traditional Market
  • Lingsar Temple
  • Nyiur Baya Village
  • Green Rice Field scenery

Lombok Waterfall Tour

Explorer Northern Lombok landscape and foot Mt. Rinjani

  • The Highest Waterfall
  • Traditional Market
  • Malimbu Look Out
  • Traditional Village

Lombok Country Side

Experience the island’s rich culture and way of life.

  • Narmada Royal Garden
  • Lingsar Temple
  • Nyiur Baya Village
  • Suranadi preserved forest

Culture And Beaches Tour

Discover culture, scenery, traditions and way of life.

  • Hand weaving Village
  • Pottery Village
  • Traditional Village
  • Mandalika Beaches

Lombok City Tour

Sightseeing around the capital city and historical places

  • Narmada Royal Garden
  • Ampenan Oldest Town
  • Museum
  • Mayura Floating Palace

Lombok Biking Tours

Biking on Lombok island is truly unique and fun, offered the island charm with amaze of scenery a long the routes. We set up our guided Biking tour to fun and easy going with flexibility time to suit every travellers wish and holiday dreams. Lombok’s Tranquil mountain areas peppered with rice paddy fields, small traditional villages and stunning views of Lombok’s unspoiled beaches; all surrounded by a culture minus the marks of wide spread International tourism.