Mataram Dining Information


Mataram Places to Eat

There are numbers of good quality of restaurants and small cafes in Mataram as be a capital city of west Nusa Tenggara. You can eat pretty well in Mataram with reasonable price. Most of the places to stay have their own restaurant, but few other eateries along the main road in the center of the strip.

There is Lot option to satisfy your culinary hunger in Mataram from Traditional Warung to International Franchise cafe or Restaurant can be found in Mataram. A wide selections of food can be found at Lombok Epicentrum Mall and along the main road of the city includes the Coffee Shop.

Recommended Places to Eat
Ayam Taliwang DUA – EM
Jl. Karang Bagu Mataram

Ayam Taliwang H. Moerad
Jl.Pelikan Mataram

Taliwang Irama
Jl. Ade irma suryani Mataram

Jl. Pejanggik Cakra Negara

MC Donald’s
Mataram Mall

Pizza Hut
Jl. Pejanggik Cakra Negara

Mirasa Donut
Mataram Mall

My Kopi O

Lombok Epicentrum Mall

Burger King

Lombok Epicentrum Mall

De La Sirra Cafe

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Gegutu