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We will take you to the best Lombok tour destinations for your comfort 5 days fully organised Lombok leisure holiday tours package. Experience the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, get some great deals at the local markets, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

Rinjani Trekking & Leisure
Rinjani Trekking
Climb spectacular Mount Rinjani then enjoy the cultural highlights of Lombok and tranquil Gili islands. Discover the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination from the Indonesia's second highest peak mount Rinjani, the pristine white sand beaches south coast , through deep under water of the Gili islands.

Attractions & Activities
Lombok Attractions and Activities
Lombok has a so much for you to see, do and experience. The are number of interesting places to visit and ample of activities you can do such as Surfing, Trekking, Diving, mountain climbing, sea kayaking, golfing, Day trips, cycling, rice field walk, island camping, snorkelling, sailing, rent car and much more.

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Lombok Surfing Information

Lombok Surf Information
EXPOSING THE HIDDEN SURFING “JEWELS” IN THIS UNEXPLORED ISLAND PARADISE OF LOMBOK INDONESIA; Lombok has been an ideal surfing destination for years. Surfers, especially those that come to Indonesia to surf and are prepared to venture further than Bali, which is being, consumed by its own crowds, will discover Lombok rewarding beyond all expectations. We do have arguably the best left hand wave in the world at Desert point or Bangko-Bangko with barrels [hollow breaking waves], that run forever like there made by some wave machine. Although surfing it can get very crowded, and sometimes at low tide very shallow.
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Many surfers have stitches from Desert point in the south of Lombok. Complimenting Desert Point, we have places like the Kuta region-not to be confused to Kuta Bali, supporting great surf at locations like Maui. A good left, but not at low tide, Air Guling in the wet season not far from Maui has great waves too. Gerupuk a left and right that is more suited for long boards. Without forgetting as well, outside Gerupuk a deep peaky wave that will have some big peaks in bigger swell these breaks are only accessible by boat.

Just around from Gerupuk there is Ekas Bay supporting a great inside right and a long lefthander breaking further out in the bay that can get sizeable swell. Heading up the west coast of Lombok you head into the Sengiggi region. Sengigg reef itself is a right, on one side and a left on the other-right breaking waves or left breaking as they head to shore. Sengiggi is more fickle than the south coast having to draw the swell from the Lombok Straight, but when it's on has deep tube rights, and a fast moving left with a fast bowl section. Accommodation in Sengiggi is in front of the reef making life very comfortable. The dining and night life in is the best available in Lombok. Heading north these is Alung Alung point and some nameless breaks in larger swell. Completing the sojourn is the Gilli Islands offering some excellent waves at times. Should you want to continue further, there is the next island of Sumbawa with a multitude of world class breaks, depending upon where you head in Sumbawa dictates your waves.

There are places like Lakey area with 5 good reefs in close proximity to each other. Personally I prefer the West Coast of Sumbawa as it offers uncrowded breaks that are suitably named like, Scar Reef and Super sucks offering magic waves, not for the beginner. Again I'm not going to rave on about every spot there, if you go there you will fine the spots adding to the discovery and enjoyment of having a reef all to yourself Generally Lombok and Sumbawa surf suits the shorter board. It is more of a challenge to surf on a long board as the waves are mostly steep and hollow to make the drop and get a tube on a long board here is double the pleasure because it harder to do than the more responsive short board.

Places To stay in Kuta and South Coast Lombok
Kuta has variety of accommodations range from four star Hotels to budget home stay. But not much option for luxurious accommodation. We recommended to book your Hotel as far as advance especially on High season ( July - August and December 15 - January 15) as the room are limmited and overbook base on last year occupation statistik. The following are accommodations option to stay in Kuta Lombok.

Hotel Novotel Lombok Indonesia
Novotel Hotel
Tastura Hotel Kuta Lombok
Tastura Hotel
Hotel Kuta Indah Lombok
Hotel Kuta Indah
Matahari Inn Kuta Lombok
Matahari Inn

Always if you are coming to surf here bring spare leg ropes and wax, have travel insurance [a must], and a ding repair kit along with a small first as kit, as you are surfing over coral reefs. Lombok is completely different to say Bali, as different as Sumbawa is to Lombok.

The culture of the people of Lombok is nothing like Bali or other Indonesian Islands making it and experience to visit even without experiencing the waves.

"Remember if you enjoy surfing pristine waves in a beautiful settings, leave them as you find them don't leave any rubbish behind or damage the vegetation, so it remains pristine always for future generations to enjoy".....

How to Get To Kuta Lombok
There is a few alternatives to get to Kuta Lombok Indonesia
Coming from Lembar Harbor, you can go straight to Kuta Lombok by Shuttle Bus or Taxi available on call for 24 hours. If you are coming by Plane, there are few options since our Lombok International Airprot (BIL) operated, you can ask for Airport Taxi services, Travel agent shuttle, or by comfortable public Bus from Lombok International Airport to Kuta.

Kuta Lombok Dinning and Entertainment
There is a good variety of Hotels and Restaurants for all budgets in Kuta to make stay enjoyable, including the up market Novotel Lombok resort with its stunning beach front location and traditional Sasak architecture. Most of the Restaurants line up on the main road of kuta, and offer various food from traditional Lombok to international taste. The only one vegetarian restaurant in Kuta Lombok are Astari offering fresh food and amazing views from their restaurants, it's recommended place for lunch or catch up with friends.

The south coast itself provides plenty of opportunities for exploring beaches and coastal scenery of such breathtaking beauty its hard to describe. Around 4 kilo meters east Kuta is Tanjung A'an, with white sand beaches and good wave for surfers. Further East is Gerupuk, well known as top surf location and situated on peninsula of land that just out into the ocean, with stunning views of the sea, and the surrounding islands bays.

To the West of Kuta are series of beautiful beaches and bays hidden behind headlands and rolling hills, providing peaceful and secluded spots for picnics and swimming. Mawun beach around 30 minutes drive to the West and is a picturesque bay with a nice white sand beach and calm waves, perfect for swimming and behind the hill are good wave for surfers. Mawi just west has a good right and left hand barrels for surfing when the swell going off.

further West are Selong Belanak, Serangan beach and many more scenic bays and beaches, largely deserted, although the road deteriorates rapidly and going can be rough at times. Be sure to use an experienced local guide with good vehicle.

Telekomunication and Internet service
The are bunch option for telecomunication on this area, most of the accommodations, cafes and restaurants has WIFI. For telephone call, there are a Wartel (warung telekomunikasi) open till late located near Segara Anak home stay. For handphone XL operator are better work on the area.

Recommended Surf Shop
Kimen Surf Shop, Everything from legroopes, deckgrip, fins, booties, wax, surf hat, rash vest, fin plug, fin keys, board covers and travel protectors to reef cut medicine, sunscreen, zinc, lip balm, dink repair, surf book, etc.

What to Do & See in Kuta Lombok
• Swimming off the beach is safe.
• Canoe hire is available at Novotel Hotel
• Surfing
• Surf Boards Rental ( Senggigi - Adventure Lombok shop - Mangsit Beach - Mr. Ipin, Kimen surf shop)
• Wind Surfing
• Snorkeling
• Sunset
• Learn To Surf with adventure Lombok Surf School

Lombok Day Trips / Day tours
Lombok Day Trips and Daily Tours
Lombok island has so much to see, do, discover, explorer, and experience! If you do not have the time to tour all around the island and beyond, why not take a Day trips / tours and visit some highlights of this unique island?
Mt. Rinjani Climbing and Trekking
Mt Rinjani Climbing and Trekking
Lombok island is dominated by the mount Rinjani! Mt. Rinjani [3726m] is a stratovolcano, the highest mountain on the island of Lombok and the second highest in Indonesia. Climbing to Rinjani will give you an awesome experience.
Lombok Holiday Tour Packages
Lombok Holiday Travel - Lombok Vacations
We have designed a wide variety of tour packages in order to suit your preferences. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

Lombok and Gili Islands Tour
The seven days leisure holiday package to Lombok and the Gilis. discover best travel destination on the island. You will experience pristine white sand beaches Gili islands, Lombok nature and vast array of sights, sceneries.
Family Holiday On Lombok
The 4 days family holiday tour package. Lombok is an idyllic holiday oasis for those who travel with family or small group of 4 - 6 and wish to enjoy Lombok best, this package are recommended option.
Volcano and Dragon Tour
Climb spectacular volcanoes and meet the famous prehistoric Komodo dragons of Rinca and Kalong island. Indonesia islands is rugged and exotic. A land of impressive volcanoes, lush tropical and the great Komodo.

Learn To Surf On Lombok
Surf Course - Surf Lesson - Learn To Surf
Lombok has long been a world class surfing destination for experienced surfers. The southern coastline offers a range of awesome reef breaks that lure surfers from all over the world, yet Lombok also offers plenty of waves that are just right for out right beginners. We provides experienced local surf instructors with a great knowledge of local conditions.
Indonesia Vocano Climbing
Indonesia Volcano Espedition
Satisfy your craving for outdoor adventure with a trip into some of Indonesia's rugged and untamed nature. From trekking in the jungle and seeing orangutans play in the wild to climbing volcanic peaks of Bromo or climbing the massive explosion in the world of Krakatau, there is no end to the amount of outdoor adventures you can have in Indonesia.
Mt Bromo and Semeru Climbing
Mt. Bromo Semeru Ijen Tour
The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park covers some 800 square kilometers in the centre of East Java. It is the largest volcanic region in the province and there stands Mt. Semeru, which rises 3676 meters above sea level. At its northern end is the spectacular Tengger Caldera, Java's largest, with its 10 km barren desert-like sea of sand.