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We will take you to the best Lombok tour destinations for your comfort 5 days fully organised Lombok leisure holiday tours package. Experience the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, get some great deals at the local markets, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

Rinjani Trekking & Leisure
Rinjani Trekking
Climb spectacular Mount Rinjani then enjoy the cultural highlights of Lombok and tranquil Gili islands. Discover the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination from the Indonesia's second highest peak mount Rinjani, the pristine white sand beaches south coast , through deep under water of the Gili islands.

Attractions & Activities
Lombok Attractions and Activities
Lombok has a so much for you to see, do and experience. The are number of interesting places to visit and ample of activities you can do such as Surfing, Trekking, Diving, mountain climbing, sea kayaking, golfing, Day trips, cycling, rice field walk, island camping, snorkelling, sailing, rent car and much more.

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Lombok Surf Trips - Surfing Holiday Package

Lombok Dessert Point
Lombok has been ideal surfing destination in Indonesia. Especially for surfers from the globe, those that come to Indonesia to surf and are prepared to venture further than Bali, which is being, consumed by its own crowds, will discover Lombok rewarding beyond all expectations. indulge your self in to the best wave in the world such Desert point as it is says and publish by Aussie Tracks magazine, the dessert point or called locally Bangko-Bangko has very long hollow waves that almost always end in a barrel.
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Most surfers just want to have Eat Sleep Surfing on their holiday, in regard of it, we've designed a surf trip Holiday package to make your surfing holiday come true. This surf trip package are fully organised combination of surf venture and leisure Our surf trip available for individuals and small group of maximum 10 surfers. We organised the surf trip included your accommodation, car, experience local surf guide and of course surfing at the best Lombok surf spots.

You will surf at Lombok's best surf breaks and some secret spots such complimenting Desert Point, we have places like the Kuta region-not to be confused to Kuta Bali, supporting great surf at locations like Mawi, A good left, but not at low tide, Air Guling in the wet season not far from Mawi has great waves too. Gerupuk a left and right that is more suited for long boards. Without forgetting as well, outside Gerupuk a deep peaky wave that will have some big peaks in bigger swell these breaks are only accessible by boat. Kuta and the surounding region has gained an international reputation for some of the beast surfing destinations in south east Asia and considering to be the best surf spot in Asia. Its here that the gentle waters surounding Lombok meet the curents of India ocean, forming great swells and surf breaks. The Best season for surf in Lombok from April to October.

About The Surf Trip Holiday Package
You will accompany by our surf guide during your surf holiday, and you will surf at Lombok's best breaks. your guide knows when, where and which spots are work on each day you will have brief before heading to the surf breaks about the local surf condition and culture. The surf trip are flexible, means you can always modify the day by day surf trip itinerary to suit your wish and want.

Our surf guide will great and meet you upon arrival at Lombok airport and escorting you to accommodation, this give you plenty time to have relaxing after have long hours flight. You will accommodate as close as possible from surf breaks.

What to Carry
During the surf trip you will just have to carry your owned favorite surf board with essential items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, wax, water etc. Please keep this to a minimum while on the trip.

All your travel arrangement in Lombok such room booking, car, driver, entrance fee, etc will be done by us, means you have not to worry about who will pick you up, where to stay, where to go. If you need help on a domestic flight booking please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

Surf Trip Holiday Package Itinerary preview
Day 1: Lombok airport pick up - Hotel
Day 2: On surf - lunch at Local restaurant
Day 3: On surf - lunch at Local restaurant
Day 4: On surf - lunch at Local restaurant
Day 5: On surf - lunch at Local restaurant
Day 6: Departure - Trip Concludes

What's Included:
• Bali Lombok VV airfare
• Accommodations
• All airport and hotel transfer
• All breakfast
• All car and boat transport to and from surf breaks,
• Experienced local guide
• 5 days guided surfing consisting of 2 surf sessions per day. (morning and afternoon)

Does Not Included: personal expenses, such laundry, alcoholic drink, etc, airport tax, meals (lunch and Dinner), Tips and gratitude.

A minimum 2 person requires to run this Surf Trip Package

Price: On Application

For booking and more information please contact Adventure Lombok tour.

Lombok Surf Breaks

Air Guling
2 breaks - a hollow shifty left, best at mid to High tide A nice right with a fast inside section, best at low to Mid tide Has reasonable protection from the wind. Transport: 20 minutes drive and a 20-minute walk or just 20 minutes by boat from Kuta Beach.

This is a fairly typical Indo reef break. Nice and consistent with powerful long rides when the swell picks up. Sensitive to winds. It's better during the raining season with NE winds.
Two main peaks:
The right: good peaky right on the west side. Can be powerful.
The left: at the east side of the bay. Rarely works.

Desert Point Bangko-Bangko
Very long, hollow waves that almost always end in a barrel. It needs some swell though to really start working. Watch out for low tide sessions!! The inside breaks on dry reef.
Overview: Atmosphere Voted "The Best Wave in the World" by Aussie Tracks magazine. But it is also one of the most inconsistent waves in the world, needing a mega swell. But if you're there on the right day...

Ekas Bay
Is located on the east side of Kuta, it’s take about 30 minutes by car to Awang village and take the boat out to Ekas bay for another 25 minutes. A reef break, it has two spots; Outside and Inside Ekas. Outside Ekas, left-hander, one a heavy wave when it’s big and it can be inconsistent, maximum it’s get 10 foot, mid to high tide. Inside Ekas, it’s a fun peaky wave, just about 5 minutes by boat from outside. Left and right hander works when bigger swell, with left-hander from mid to high tide and right-hander from mid to low tide, hallow and barreling at inside section. Maximum 8 foot, need to be South-east wind trade, with strong wind at some days the rip can be so strong and hardly get to the point.

Overview: Remote and beautiful. With at least 10 surf breaks in Ekas Bay and on the remote south-east corner of Lombok. All accessible by road or boat from Heaven on the Planet. the only real beginner's wave in Lombok, plus crash hot waves when it is big. works on every swell at the bay or on the southern reefs. Easy left, hard right and barreling right all within 1 km of the resort.

Mawi Beach: It is one of the most beautiful and enchanting bay of Indonesia. Really a dream land!!! Since it is isolated, pay attention not to hurt yourself: waves can be very powerful, with long hold downs. Once I saw a tiger shark in the water, but fishermen say it is exceptional.

This huge bay just about 7 km east Kuta and in a big days it’s offer few different breaks around the bay, reef breaks and to get to the breaks a boat is needed. Inside Gerupuk or Bumbang Bay, right-hander, flat reef or sand bottom which is suitable for all level and fun waves. The big days of Southwest swell can be great day to surf it. This break is almost surf-able at any seasons even sometime need to get right tide, in coming tide it is best time.

It can handle any wind trade as it’s protected and surrounded by hills. Maximum it can get 8 foot. Gerupuk Outside or Gili Golong, right-hander, good at mid to high tide, better take your booties if it sallow. A huge wave and big take off at the point then long ride when you get to inside section which can be a fast and hollow section. Maximum it can get 10 foot, from October to April. Don-Don, it sets on the way to Gerupuk Inside, peak left and right hander. All surfers level, at any season or at least not too much wind, this break can be great fun, need to have a bigger swell. Any tide, out going tide would be best time. Pelawangan or Kid’s Point, another right-hander for beginners, only in a big days and it can be very hollow at out going or in coming tide.

Seger Beach
Located just 2 km from Kuta, a reef break, right hander sometime left-hander. This break works when swell drop, classic wave and can hold up to 6 foot with the right wind, it can get hollow and barreling, best at in coming or out going tide.

Senggigi Anjungan Breaks
Senggigi breaks good right hander, it's work in wet season. Double over head when it's going off and good long barrel. Including the Senggigi Left hander with two section out side and inside both can ride in one time take off from out side, good tube when it's going off. 15 minutes paddle from the Senggigi art market to the point break.

"Remember if you enjoy surfing pristine waves in a beautiful settings, leave them as you find them don't leave any rubbish behind or damage the vegetation, so it remains pristine always for future generations to enjoy".....

Lombok Day Trips / Day tours
Lombok Day Trips and Daily Tours
Lombok island has so much to see, do, discover, explorer, and experience! If you do not have the time to tour all around the island and beyond, why not take a Day trips / tours and visit some highlights of this unique island?
Mt. Rinjani Climbing and Trekking
Mt Rinjani Climbing and Trekking
Lombok island is dominated by the mount Rinjani! Mt. Rinjani [3726m] is a stratovolcano, the highest mountain on the island of Lombok and the second highest in Indonesia. Climbing to Rinjani will give you an awesome experience.
Lombok Holiday Tour Packages
Lombok Holiday Travel - Lombok Vacations
We have designed a wide variety of tour packages in order to suit your preferences. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!