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Lombok Experience Tour
Rinjani Trekking
We will take you to the best Lombok tour destinations for your comfort 5 days fully organised Lombok leisure holiday tours package. Experience the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, get some great deals at the local markets, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

Rinjani Trekking & Leisure
Rinjani Trekking
Climb spectacular Mount Rinjani then enjoy the cultural highlights of Lombok and tranquil Gili islands. Discover the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination from the Indonesia's second highest peak mount Rinjani, the pristine white sand beaches south coast , through deep under water of the Gili islands.

Attractions & Activities
Lombok Attractions and Activities
Lombok has a so much for you to see, do and experience. The are number of interesting places to visit and ample of activities you can do such as Surfing, Trekking, Diving, mountain climbing, sea kayaking, golfing, Day trips, cycling, rice field walk, island camping, snorkelling, sailing, rent car and much more.

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Mataram Culliner

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East Lombok West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Information

Lombok Rice Field
East Lombok is lush and less developed than the western part of the island, allowing you to peek into a rural part of Indonesia. Inhabited by the indigenous Sasak people, who keep their culture very much in live.
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Getting to East Lombok
There is a few alternatives to get East Lombok

Coming from Lembar Harbor, you can go straight to East Lombok by Shuttle Bus or Taxi available on call for 24 hours.
If you are coming by Plane, ask for Airport Taxi services, they will drive you to your destination.
Public transportation or Bemos are available from 06 am to 05 pm.

Mandalika Bus station is the main bus terminal for the entire island. It's also the eastern terminus for the local yellow bemos that shutlle back and forth to Kebun Roek Ampenan. The official fares had just been increast at the time writing. Public fares is Rp. 1.500/person student Rp.1000. make sure you have fix money to pay, otherwise often there's no return on changes. Lombok Taxi Tel: 0370 627000, or Lendang Express taxi Tel: 0370 644444 available 24 hours a day.

Places to Stay
There are not much option accommodation in this area, the accommodation range from one star hotel to basic home stay. most of the accommodation located at Tete Batu Village such Ori Inn, and Sudjono Hotel.

Most of the restaurant (Rumah Makan) is served traditional and Indonesia cuisine.

Villa Sayang
Villa Sayang
Hotel Grand Legi
Grand Legi Hotel
Hotel Lombok Raya
Hotel Lombok Raya
Hotel Lombok Garden
Hotel Lombok Garden

Places Of Interest around East Lombok

Sembalun Lawang, Situated on the cool eastern slopes of Mt. Rinjani like alost mountain hideaway, Sembalun Lawang whisch reside in the remains of a huge caldera, offers impressive views of the awesome mountain. Rinjani Peak appear so close, like you could touch it. The quickest trail to climb up the peak of Rinajani mount.

Loyok Central Handicraft, short distance drive from Kota Raja, Loyok and its surrounding area, is famous for the Bamboo crafts that it produces. Most of the local are created by skilled craftsmen working studiously each day on an amazing array of products.

Otak Kokok Gading & Jeruk Manis Waterfall
Located foyrty kilo meters east of Mataram, this area is famous for its waterfall, whose belived to cure diseases if afflicated btahes in its pools. Jeruk Manis waterfall lies in lush natural forest. Local people call this impresive fall Aik Temer', because they belive its waters are able to cure baldness.

Tete Batu, located on the southern slopes of Gunung Rinjani, is a cool mountain retreat with beautiful rice terraces forest and bright green field of crops and tobacco on surrounding slopes. it's wet and misty during the rainy season, cool and lush during the dry, its a lovely place for walking or day trip with lunch at local restaurants.

Gili Lampu, Gili Sulat, Gili Lawang
These three islets lie off the coast of north - east Lombok. The sea around these white sandy jewels are home to an amazing array of colourful marine life, making it an ideal place to swim and snorkel. The islet can be reached by boat from Labuhan Lombok.

Grave of Selaparang
Its a sacred grave of Selaparang King. This grave is located at Presak village Pringgabaya. Its about sixty kilometers form Mataram.

Lombok Day Trips / Day tours
Lombok Day Trips and Daily Tours
Lombok island has so much to see, do, discover, explorer, and experience! If you do not have the time to tour all around the island and beyond, why not take a Day trips / tours and visit some highlights of this unique island?
Mt. Rinjani Climbing and Trekking
Mt Rinjani Climbing and Trekking
Lombok island is dominated by the mount Rinjani! Mt. Rinjani [3726m] is a stratovolcano, the highest mountain on the island of Lombok and the second highest in Indonesia. Climbing to Rinjani will give you an awesome experience.
Lombok Holiday Tour Packages
Lombok Holiday Travel - Lombok Vacations
We have designed a wide variety of tour packages in order to suit your preferences. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

Lombok and Gili Islands Tourr
The seven days leisure holiday package to Lombok and the Gilis. discover best travel destination on the island. You will experience pristine white sand beaches Gili islands, Lombok nature and vast array of sights, sceneries.
Family Holiday On Lombok
The 4 days family holiday tour package. Lombok is an idyllic holiday oasis for those who travel with family or small group of 4 - 6 and wish to enjoy Lombok best, this package are recommended option.
Volcano and Dragon Tour
Climb spectacular volcanoes and meet the famous prehistoric Komodo dragons of Rinca and Kalong island. Indonesia islands is rugged and exotic. A land of impressive volcanoes, lush tropical and the great Komodo.

Learn To Surf On Lombok
Surf Course - Surf Lesson
Lombok has long been a world class surfing destination for experienced surfers. The southern coastline offers a range of awesome reef breaks that lure surfers from all over the world, yet Lombok also offers plenty of waves that are just right for out right beginners. We provides experienced local surf instructors with a great knowledge of local conditions.
Indonesia Vocano Climbing
Good Heart Gili T
Satisfy your craving for outdoor adventure with a trip into some of Indonesia's rugged and untamed nature. From trekking in the jungle and seeing orangutans play in the wild to climbing volcanic peaks of Bromo or climbing the massive explosion in the world of Krakatau, there is no end to the amount of outdoor adventures you can have in Indonesia.
Mt Bromo and Semeru Climbing
Mt. Bromo Semeru Ijen Tour
The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park covers some 800 square kilometers in the centre of East Java. It is the largest volcanic region in the province and there stands Mt. Semeru, which rises 3676 meters above sea level. At its northern end is the spectacular Tengger Caldera, Java's largest, with its 10 km barren desert-like sea of sand.